Insurance awareness program at BMA

Insurance awareness programs at BMA!

The main purpose of this conference  is to increase public awareness  about insurance services, benefits , procedures of  having insurance policies,claims as well explaination of various types of  insurance services which has been provides  by Afghan National Insurance Company , in addition the program aimed to support private sectors,small and large trades, micro and macro entrepreneurs in case of ocurring any loss or damages to thiers properties (assets ).

The program started by speech of Mr Ahmad Shah “Barin”  Marketing Executive Officer (ANIC) introduced Afghan National Insurance Company as a first and  foremost government  insurance entity in Afghanistan, further he presented  a presentation about ANIC insurance services.

At the end of the event a round table conducted for sharing opinions, insurance barriers, expectations, feedbacks and criticizes from ANIC then Afghan National Insurance Company cleared participants doubts about claims reimbursment  process  and as a government entity commited to support macro and micro entrepreneurs , traders and businessmen by providing insurance coverages to them which could assist in performing their business activities in peaceful atmosphere.