Inaugural Ceremony of New Branch office of Afghan National Insurance Company (ANIC) in “Aqeena”, of Faryab Province

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new branch in Faryab Province with a view of an increase in aggregate demand for our products and delivery of prompt and speedy services to all our patrons in Afghanistan.
The office opened by Chief of Revenue Department of Faryab, Director of Bandar- e - Aqeena, the honorable Technical Deputy of ANIC Mr. Ferdaws Ahmad "Barin".
The ceremony started by recitation of a few verses of the holy Quraan, subsequently Chief Of Revenue Department of Faryab and the Director of the Customs Department of Bandar Aqeena appreciated the activities of the Afghan National Insurance and promised to fully cooperate, on behalf of ANIC,  Mr. Ferdowas Ahmad "Barin" presented comprehensive information about the establishment and opening of this agency to participants.  Furthermore he added hereafter our respectable compatriot can achieve 3rd party insurance for their Vehicles and on the other hand it has an effective role in raising Government revenues and promotion of Insurance culture.
It is worthy to be mention that ANIC is the only national company, that has a long history of fifty years and has 25 active agencies in the field of insurance services in Afghanistan.