About ANIC

The history of insurance industry in Afghanistan starts with a general insurance company from year 1963 by a governmental insurance company named “Afghan National Insurance Company” (ANIC). In 1974 first insurance law implemented in the country and in years 1979 and 1989 some articles  in the insurance law of Afghanistan has emendate and after final emendate in some articles in 2005 it announced as the new insurance law of Afghanistan and till now we implement it.

The Afghan National Insurance Company was established in 1964, as a limited company. It was the first insurance company. Later, the London association of Guardian Assurance Company ensured it. In 1358, it had promulgated the insurance policy for the first time and to start offering insurance service with its professional staff members.

Now it has become the most authentic insurance company in Afghanistan serving the insurance at its best service of diversified type in insurance industry.


  • Fire insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Marine and cargo insurance:
  • Work Men Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Third Party General Liabilty Insuracne
  • Student Insurance
  • Car insurance

Car insurance consists of two types

  1.     Third party insurance
  2.     Comprehensive insurance