Afghan National Insurance Company
About ANIC:

Founded in 1964, Afghan National Insurance is the 1st and foremost insurance company in the country with more than half a century of insurance services provision experience. ANIC is a governmental corporation, dedicated to professionalism and excellence in the field of insurance. ANIC is a good revenue-generating body for Afghan Government, annually benefiting the country on both aspects; providing insurance services to public and offering a good profit to the government. Assets insured by ANIC are over 3 Billion Afghanis, excluding life and health insured. We pave the way for living, business and education in the country with piece of mind provision to residents by offering affordable, cost effective, clear and transparent insurance policies. Currently the company is offering 10 different insurance policies listed as;

  •     Health Insurance
  •     Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
  •     3rd Party Vehicle Insurance
  •     Travel Insurance
  •     Fire Insurance
  •     Aviation Insurance
  •     Cargo Insurance
  •     Personal Accidents’ Insurance
  •     Students Insurance
  •     Employees Accidents’ Insurance\

Provincial Offices:

In order to facilitate the nation with insurance services, ANIC has opened its branches in provinces. ANIC has covered 20 provinces other than Kabul, the capital. Namely;

  •     Balkh
  •     Hirat
  •     Kandahar
  •     Nangarhar
  •     Baghlan
  •     Khost
  •     Samangan
  •     Panjsher
  •     Kapisa
  •     Parwan
  •     Laghman
  •     Wardak
  •     Logar
  •     Sar-e-Pul
  •     Faryab
  •     Jowz jan
  •     Kunduz
  •     Farah
  •     Paktya
  •     Badghis

Our Employees:

We believe in professionalism and experience, duly our employees are those with lifelong experience of insurance in the country. They know well the country, environment opportunities, conditions, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, threats and affordability level of the public. Our underwriters prepare policies with people’s capability and economy conditions in mind. That is why we frequently update our policies to match the customer demands and market requirements.