Claims Compensation is normally done in following 4 ways.

  1. Cash payment
  2. Item renewal
  3. Parts replacement
  4. Repairing the item

The insurance company requires the following documents in order to compensate a claims.

  1. Insurance policy validity
  2. The peril is included in policy coverage
  3. Informing the insurance company shall not been delayed.

In all insurance policies, the holder is responsible to inform the insurance company in written or calling, as soon as the incident happens.

In case of any incident, the insured shall not personally take action to repair, renew or replace the items.

To compensate fire insurance claim – Police and fire department’s report are mandatory.

To compensate travel insurance Claim – passport copy, traveler’s airline travel certifying letter, doctor’s certifying letter and police reports are mandatory.

To compensate vehicle insurance (3rd party liability and comprehensive) claims – traffic police, civil order police certifying letters and witness’s confirmation are required.

To compensate students insurance claim – educative in charge office and doctor office and doctor’s certifying letters are mandatory.

To compensate personal accidents insurance claim – doctor’s certifying letter and witness’s confirmation are required.

To compensate employee’s insurance claim - related entities and doctor’s certifying letters are mandatory

To compensate health insurance claims – health insurance card and medications expenses book are mandatory.The insurance compensation and expanses are delivered to ANIC registered hospitals.