Fire Inusrance

fire Insurance:
Fire insurance is one of the oldest insurance segments. The importance of this insurance is to such an extent that in developed countries there can be no financial or financial assets that cannot be covered by fire insurance. Dozens of residential houses, commercial and industrial premises are affected by various factors daily. There are fire and all kinds of accidents, and they suffer a lot of financial losses that fire insurance can reimburse before the accident by compensating Rare’s insurer.
In the first-fire insurance of the building and then the various assets and assets are protected against fire risk and also additional risks. In order to obtain supplementary compensation for any damage that you may be liable for, you need to not insure your property at its original cost.
For the insurance, the price should be re-priced price fixing 
Machine tools are usually insured after and after depreciation, but in some cases it may be repaid at the cost of replacement.
Money and jewelry should be protected against fire
If the property is lost, the issue will be immediately filed by the National Insurance Company in the form of an irregularity claim within 15 days.
Fire insurance coverage:
1. Direct damage to electricity, lightning, normal blast of gas balloon and so on, used for everyday use
2. Damage due to the necessary measures to prevent fire development
3. Damage resulting from the necessary transfer of property damaged by repair of fire caused by air and moisture
4. Damage caused by fire and smoke and combustion of fire at the same time
An insurer can pay extra bonus, in addition to the risk of fire, additional risks such as:
An earthquake, storm, and flood also include fire insurance
Fire insurance covers the following
Loss of property due to burnout, natural heat or chemical combustion
Refinishing property based on government officials
Loss of property due to theft during or after fire and fire
Underground fire, fire caused by solution of materials
Atom bum
Earthquake, severe storm, atmospheric revolution, war; declared or not; turmoil rebellion
If living vacancies are used to store commercial property
Gold and silver clay precious artifacts or artifacts
Coal and explosives
How to pay compensation:
There are four types of fire insurance payments
1. Cash payment
2. Restoration
3. Replacement
4. Reopening
But compensation for insurance is different depending on the type of insurance policy
Documents required for obtaining this insurance policy:
1. Copy license activity
2. Copy of the Shares of the Deposits or Copy of the Line Agreement (Property Document)
3. Lists the value of the property in shape and its total price
4. List of carriage values ​​with its specifications for manufacturing plants