Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

An insurance product designed to cover the costs and reduce the risk associated with unexpected events during domestic or international travel. Travel insurance usually covers the insured in two main categories: costs associated with medical expenses and trip cancellations. Many online companies selling airplane tickets or travel packages allow consumers to purchase travel insurance as an added service. Some travel insurance policies may also cover damage to rented equipment, such as rental cars, or even the cost of paying a ransom kidnapping.This policy Covering Death or Bodily Injury, as defined below, by unexpected accident occurring anywhere in the world.


  • In case of death 100% of sum insured
  • Permanent disablement 100% of sum insured
  • Temporary total disablement 1% of sum insured per week
  • Temporary partial disablement 0.4% of sum insured per week
  • Medical expenses 1% of sum insured per week

Policy period:The period for Travel Insurance policy starts from 15 day and hang on up to one year.