Marine and Aviation


Marin Cargo & Aviation Insurance:

Aviation Insurance: Cover Damage to aircraft and liabilities to fright, passengers and third parties

There are two kind of main insurance.

  1. Hull insurance which means coverage for the plane itself. In marine insurance also there is hull insurance which covers the ship.
  2. Passengers and cargo insurance, including third party liability.

Passenger and their baggages as well as cargo of goods can be insured. Passengers insurance is the liability of airline companies.

  • Aviation Polices
  • Hull all Risks
  • Airlines liability
  • Crew personal accident
  • War hijacking and other perils
  • Hull spares part
  • Hull deductible
  • Period of insurance: one year

Marine insurance:

  1. Marine Cargo
  2. Marine hull  

Marine cargo insurance: Cover for goods in transit by sea, air, rail, and road or by post.

War, strikes, riot and civil commotions can be added at extra premium

Export/Import shipments are covered under the terms of institute cargo clauses of institutes of London underwriters, according to international practice

Marine Hull insurance: covers loss or damages to ocean going ships and other vessels such as fishing vessels etc. ware and strike are covered under the government of each country war risks scheme.

Cover provided is under the terms of the institute time clauses (Hull) or institute voyage clauses(Hull) framed by institute of London underwriters, which are used internationally.