Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Every individual possess an insurable interest in his wealth creation abilities. Health being a very important component of keeping one’s earning capacity intact demands its preservation. The ability to generate income and the need for its safe keep constitutes the basis of Health Insurance. It provides security against loss of income or extra expenses because of disability or ill health.Health Insurance insures your health against all kind of diseases or illnesses and covers medical expenses due to illnesses for individuals and jobholders. Moreover Health Insurance policy covers personal accidents which may happen due to unexpected incidents.

Health Card:

We issue Health Card for resolving stress of insured and it financially supports insured. It’s valid at all medical centers and insured can get the advantages of insurance during day and night in all health centers which have contracted with us.

List of health centers which we have contracted with them are as below.

  • RMC ( Royal Medical Complex)
  • Gulf Health Care
  • Cure Hospital
  • FMIC( French Medical Institute for Children)
  • Kim Orthopedic & General Hospital
  • Khairkhwa Medical Complex

Coverage of Health Insurance:

This policy covers the expenses due to accidents, diseases and infections caused by preventable diseases.

This policy commits to pay the following expenses:

  • General Surgery expenses
  • Surgery expenses
  • Medicine expenses
  • Clinical expenses (Laboratory, X-Ray, Ultrasound, City Scan and Physiotherapy)
  • Bed charges expenses
  • Tooth and Extraction expenses 
  • OPD expenses  ENT and Throat expenses 
  • Eye expenses
  • Skin expenses 
  • Pregnancy expenses 
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Ambulance

Compensation: The maximum payable amount for claim settlement is equal to (500,000 AF) during the period of one year.

Period of Policy: Coverage of this policy is 24 hours and its validity time is one year.